A Mixed Collection For the Table

First we picked Peas, then some Broad Beans, Some Carrots.and Broccoli, then went down into the Freezer, to get a Lamb Roast, to cook with the other Produce, then dug some Potatoes, so you can see now that we live from our Organic Garden.

We just love the Garden with nice Red Soils, it does something to your hands when you are working in the soil besides getting your hands dirty, its so therapeutic, and lets you see that even seeing the dirt on your hands, gives a real good feeling in your heart knowing, you planted and saw it growing until ready toΒ  prepare.

I don’t know about you, but to me when I looked, on the side of the Label of the Packets of frozen vegetables where it showed the stuff that was sprayed on them to kill insects and bugs, and chemicals that was going into my body, when cooked, that did it, from then on I never brought another Vegetable,or any fruit from the shops ever again.

And not only was that the reason,I gave it up but, On learning from Research,I had done about what a difference my Body has changed through eating Organic, foods I started to lose weight, and feel a lot better in myself, I found I slept a lot better at night; and never awoke up with headaches like IΒ  did with the food I used to eat, before growing organic foods, So it can only be a real Benefit, to my eating, so thank you Lord, and even He is interested, in what we grow and eat,that is the difference.

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